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> I am a resident of Island Wall, and I have lived in Whitstable
> for 40 years and some. I love the place with a passion, which if you
> are a regular you will understand.
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> However, it drives me to distraction the way the dog walkers mess up
> the beach and seem to ignore the bins and messages regarding cleaning up
> after their little darlings... Are they above us or do they not appreciate
> that this is a beauty spot and not a dog sewage outlet.
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> The number of times my kids have returned home smelling like $�%*.
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> Any thoughts on how we can be proactive would be greatly appraciated
> by all those who use the beach responsibly.
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> "Dog Walkers" are not all the same, many of the regular dog walkers are responsible dog walkers, who carry countless bags to clean up after their pets. I objected to ALL dog walkers being regarded in the same light. Its our beach too, we pay our Council Tax and most of us are on the beach in all weathers.
The problem mainly arises from the "occasional" dog walkers who think they are doing their pets a favour if they walk them once a month (if they have time).
Have you ever walked the beach in the early morning hours at the height of summer? Before the cleaners have arrived?
If you had then you would know that the mess and devastation left by people is considerably worse.
Glass littering the promenade - which is a major hazard to Children and Dogs) dirty nappies strewn around the beach, BBQs, yep complete with burnt eateries. Bottles, syringes, and general rubbish, which is an enviromentel hazard.
It appears as though most beach users ignore the bins!

You cannot police everyone, there are good and bad in all, but to collectively attack ALL dog walkers is irresponsible and creates bad feeling.

Amy - a responsible dog walker and beach user

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