Whitstable Beast?????

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Upon walking home the other night my cousin and her friend spotted something weird. Near a lamp post was what looked like an animal. The thing is, it was sniffing the bottom of the lamp post but it was of human size, was wearing a coat but walked off on all fours. The next day she was laughed at in the pub for her story but a 36 year old woman said that she also saw the same thing 18 years ago. But in her story she also caught a glimpse of the face and said it was a scary human face.

Is it just a tramp who has somehow gone un-noticed walking around on all fours like an animal on the streets of Whitstable for over 18 years or is it something else? I find it hard to believe that it was a homeless man that no one has spoken of before? Where does this creature live during the day? Why does no one see him regularly?

Does anyone have any answers?? Im so curious to know!!

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